Hey there,
My name is Daniel.
and I work as

full stack developer

for both

web and mobile

About me

ei! ei!
Have you read
that is a tl;dr version tl;dr means
"too long didn't read"
besides programming I also
to spend time with my fiancée, to walk my dog, to watch good movies, to drink coffee
and beer,
among other things... now you can continue reading ;)
So, my name is Daniel Camargo, but some friends call me pererinha. I work as web developer for about 14 year.

I remember when we used to use tables to create websites. But today the reality is different, whew, we are in the era of html5, responsive design, semantic code optimization for SEO, CSS3, mobile and, of course, I updated myself and today I work with it all. And best of all, have fun with it! I really love to learn and use new technologies.

Besides the frontend I am also passionate about the backend, I have worked with various languages like Java, PHP, JSP, Python, Ruby ... and the ones that I do not know, I learn. The good thing is that I learn fast, after 14 years developing, it becomes easy to learn a new language.

I've done various things like websites, blogs, intranets, enterprise systems, e-commerces, web services, mobile apps, CMSs, among other things and in recent months I have been dedicated to developing mobile apps, for both android and ios and systems web based.

TL;DR? I turn your ideas or needs into a software.

What I can do for you

  • Mobile Development - By using ionc I can develop apps for Android, iOs, Windows Mobile
  • Front End Development - PSD to HTML
  • Back End Development - As you can see I can work with different languages
  • Wordpress Themes - Just send me your PSD and you will have your Wordpress Theme
  • Wordpress Plugins - Any kind of Plugin to fit your needs
  • Systems maintenance - Anything related with software development

What I can't do for you

  • Create a computer virus - believe, they have asked me this, but I don't do it.
  • Cocking - sorry, but I can't :(


  • Objective-C
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • AngularJS
  • Ionic
  • Wordpress
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SQL
  • SEO
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • To Cock
  • Coffee
  • XML

I can't live without

  • Sublime Text
  • Xcode
  • GitHub
  • Photoshop
  • Slack
  • My dog
  • Coffee


Daniel is a professional outstanding. Always presenting new ideas, seeking the best solutions and doing much more than it should do. Very responsible, hardworking, competent and agile. I hope one day get back to work together, because the result is always amazing!
- Bárbara Espínola
Excellent professional. Very dedicated and very interested in learning. much like what you do, resulting in enough quality of the work you do.
- Marcio Conceição, Weblogic Server & SOA Administrator Specialist @ Global Village Telecom
Daniel is a great teammate. When you pass the task, always performed with great dedication and often doing more than was required. The problems were always acopanhados practical solutions that helped the day-to-day team remaining.
- Eduardo Nigro, Front-end Web Developer @ Plattô Internet
He is good to resolve problems, he does it very quickly. He can works with many program languages and learn. We had worked in the same team and it was easier to work with him.
- Wellington Gasparin, Systems Analyst @ Employer RH
Daniel is always attentive professional. Exerts its function efficiencies doer goals and always ready and available to help, and is extremely proactive and steady provider of new ideas. I recommend Daniel's eyes closed
- Carla Cavichiolo Flores, R&D Manager @ Positivo Informática
Daniel has a strongly skill as developer and knows exactly how to provide an eficient solution to attend the requests, He used to work hard to delivery his projects in time. He is an open mind and easygoing to work with.
- Jean Nader, Infrastructure Analyst - Citrix & Active Directory @ ExxonMobil
He has an excellent knowledge in programming for web where I could follow some projects which always sought to add some innovative concept, I have it as a professional example, and for their dedication, desire for innovation, willingness to grow and good person professionally and personally..
- Gustavo Luiz Walker, CIO @ White Lizzard
Daniel Camargo is an excellent developer. We worked together at GVT for building a GVT´s Intranet your knowledge about HTML/CSS/JavaScript is terrific! and other things a lot! Great professional!
- Raphael Milani, System Analyst SR @ GVT
Daniel is a talent developer and is very creatively. I would like to work with him always.
- Enio de Aragón, Designer Director @ Positivo Informatica
Daniel, is a task oriented worker, doing the best with total dedication. Their delivery is creative and on time. João Roque
- João Roque, Assessor da Presidência e Diretor da filial de Betim (MG) @ Greca Asfaltos
With a great sense of responsibility Daniel pulls his job using innovative ideas efficiently.
- Marcio Sartor, Web Designer / Front End Developer @ Positivo Informática
Daniel is an extremely focused professional in their activities with a unique ability to solve problems in a short time. Their dedication enables him to act in various areas, from development, analysis, visual identity creation, Web and others. During the time I worked with him I realized that he is one of those professionals who make a difference in the company.
- Nelson Maia, Webcenter / ECM Consultant @ IT7 Sistemas Ltda
I had the honor of working on the same team / project that Daniel. It is an efficient professional, creative, dedicated and above all responsible. It has a great interpersonal skills and is always willing to help.
- Willians Yukita, Consultor ECM @ IT7 Sistemas Ltda
I worked with Daniel on several projects acting as an illustrator and animator, in and out of Positivo Informática. Besides having excellent learning capabilities can think of direct and objective ways to troubleshoot and optimize processes.
- Douglas Camargo, Freelance Illustrator
Daniel is a self-motivated, curious and creative professional; he was my first mentor in Javascript development. In addition, he is always learning and improving his knowledge in new technologies. We worked together in the front end development team at Positivo Informática.
- Josivan Ribeiro da Silva, Jr. Systems Analyst @ ICI - Instituto Curitiba de Informática
We work together in the Educational Technology Area Positivo Informática. Always with great technical ability, creativity in problem solving and ease of integration with the team. It is a professional of great value.
- Samuel Lago, Board Member @ Grupo Positivo

Talk to me

If you are an agency, development company or designer and is working with a demand that does not justify the increase in staff, can count on my services. I'm here for it.

How to find me

Joinville, SC, Brazil

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